From our Maldives location - we are capable of providing a full logistical services package to meet the constantly changing needs of our clients in a dynamic global marketplace.

Import Logistics
We co-ordinate order progress with the supplier and you, the client and ensure optimum use of transport to satisfy speed, cost and security. Carrier selection is handled by our dedicated air, sea and road cargo teams.

We will receive your goods into our warehouse whether by ocean container or truck and palletised or loose cartons. Goods are then removed from the unloading area and placed into store.
We are able to inspect on a "spot check" basis or a complete examination for quality, quantity, size, colour, labelling - whatever you require. Errors are reported, quarantined and resolved before placing into stock.
Goods are then palletised and racked and stock records are updated - this information is readily available to you.

Order Management and Distribution
We download orders from major shop chains and from internet website based sales, pick lists are prepared and orders made up by trained staff. Orders are prepared for dispatch by post, courier, pallet network or bulk on same day, next day and three day services as required.

As well as transport, handling, storage and delivery in the usual sense our operations are adding value to the client's products whilst enabling them to remain free to concentrate on their business.