Other Services

Experience has taught us that when our customer’s cargo arrives in the Maldives they want it cleared properly and delivered ASAP. From our base in Maldives City we are able to control Customs clearance through all major Maldives ports and airports quickly and accurately. We are here to help with every aspect of the import Customs clearance process, including: EDI registration, tariff classification, correct entry process, license and valuation procedures.

Payment of duties and taxes can be made through our own substantial deferment account and we can settle charges with the carrier on your behalf to ensure your cargo is not delayed at the port.

Arranging project movements of any kind can be a daunting experience for many organizations. It calls for your expertise to be properly supported by a professional project-forwarding team. When it comes down to selecting the right transport by modes, identifying routings, applying due diligence and controlling costs there is no substitute for experience. We have worked for many years with a network of equally experienced partners overseas to help meet our customers’ requirements.

Island delivery
We provide service from Male port to any of the island in Maldives by water craft or landing craft with very economical way.

Hotel Logistics
We are one of the leading hotel logistics operators in Maldives providing point to point delivery and we also clear the cargo from Male customs and delivery the any of the hotel locations in the island as we are currently engage in the operation, we have experience staff to make sure the timely delivery and most cost effective methods.

Aro Logistics
We are also leading Aro logistics operators for the aro related companies and sea planes operators in Maldives handling with DG qualified staff and most efficient way to deliver AOG shipments from any part of the world to Maldives and in do Maldives from any requested pick up destination.