Hazardous Freight

Importing and exporting on a global basis is something that all freight forwarders can provide but when it comes to the transportation of dangerous goods by air, road and sea most will decline to offer this as a service and that is why Eclipse Worldwide are set apart from the rest.

We have dedicated members of staff specifically trained in the handling, packing and distribution of hazardous cargo by air road and sea and work in conjunction with the regulations specified in "IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations by Air" and the "IMO International Maritime Organization Regulations".

Our Hazardous Freight forwarding solutions provide coverage for the following classes:

  • CL1 Explosives
  • CL2 Gasses
  • CL3 Flammable liquids
  • CL4 Flammable solids & substances liable to spontaneous combustion
  • CL5 Oxidising Substances & Organic Peroxides
  • CL6 Toxic & infectious substances
  • CL8 Corrosive Substances
  • CL9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances

Correct packing of dangerous goods is of the utmost importance when traveling by air and sea. GLOBAL FREIGHT NET are able to arrange a full packing service using the appropriate UN approved boxes and packaging materials suitable for the safe movement of hazardous goods as well as using the necessary absorbent materials.

Documentation is also a requirement for all dangerous goods shipments and GLOBAL FREIGHT NET staff have been trained to IATA (International Air Transport Association) and IMO (International Maritime Organization) standards enabling them to provide a full documentation service on your behalf. You are entitled to complete your own documentation and if you need assistance then we can check to ensure there are no mistakes that could cause your shipment to be delayed en route to the end user.

The DGN (Dangerous Goods Note) is a legal requirement for the transport of dangerous goods by air and sea. The person responsible for signing the "Dangerous Goods Note" is required by law to have had the appropriate training. GLOBAL FREIGHT NET ensures our staff are always up to date with training requirements and that they have full access to all relevant publications regarding the transport of dangerous goods.

By strictly adhering to the dangerous goods regulations, by using the correct packaging and completing the relevant documentation correctly GLOBAL FREIGHT NET will easily be able to move your hazardous cargo on any mode of transport.